While most of us realize that there are much more important things than the type of car that we drive or the things that we fill our home with, there are always going to be things that we want to buy for ourselves. And through the years all of those possessions pile up as your family grows and you find that you're living in a larger home than you likely started out with when you went off to college or got married. But bigger is not always better and there are many people who choose to downsize back to a smaller property at some point in their lives. Here are some of the reasons why downsizing might help you live a happier life.

One of the reasons that people start trading in their starter homes and looking at land for sale to build on or a home in the suburbs is that their family is getting too big to live in a place with just a couple of bedrooms. But, as your children grow up and move away a full house might start to feel empty more quickly than you could ever imagine. This is when many couples choose to downsize. You might not want the hassle of maintaining such a large home or could want something with a bit more of a cozy feeling to it when you come home.

Another reason that people choose to downsize is to save money. You might find that you only need the amount of room offered by the average condominium unit, rather than a single-family home in a neighborhood in Halifax for example. You might find that you are struggling to make your mortgage payments in a larger home or could just want a little extra money to do other things, like take vacations.

If you're moving from one city or neighborhood to another you might find that you need to downsize to get a new home for the same price that you're selling for in your old location. A condo will cost you about the same as a standard two-storey home in many of the smaller cities surrounding the Vancouver. If you're downsizing thanks to a move to a larger cities than you're usually trading space for convenience. You might find that you can go without a car if you're living close to public transportation.

Most people find that they can adjust to a smaller home as long as you're willing to find a design style that suits the lower square footage. Your condo can feel as spacious as a standard home if you're willing to downsize your possessions as well.

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