If you're looking at various Alberta real estate listings and you see the words rural and urban and are unsure of the differences or similarities between the two then you've come to the right place as we're here to talk about rural VS urban living.

Urban living means living in an area of town that has access to all of the modern day amenities and facilities that you can think of such as easy access to the Internet, television, telephone services, and satellite communications. Those who are selling their Alberta home will highlight the fact that their home is in an urban part of town so they are letting you know that you won't have any problem being able to use the above services and many more if you were to purchase their property for sale.

Sure, rural homes might also be able to offer you Internet or television access but they might not be as fast or technologically advanced as you would find them to be in urban centres. The thought of having to live in an area of town where high speed Internet isn't an option doesn't sound too appealing to some folks, which is why they would never consider buying a home in the rural part of their town.

However, to others, that's a very attractive feature and one that would make them want to sell their home in the urban side of town and start up a new life in the quiet, more old school way of life found in rural areas. In addition to not having to deal with the modern features of living found in urban areas rural area living also tends to place an emphasis on widely spaced homes that allow for ample amounts of green space that can used to garden, be close to mother nature, have room for pets to roam free, and not have to worry about overcrowding that comes with living in an urban area. Those are the main features rural Alberta homes appeal to prospective buyers.

Urban homes counter those rural features by offering the chance to live within close proximity to the downtown core of the city, which means being close to shopping malls, major grocery stores, movie theaters, and restaurants. Living near those attractions allows one to live a life of urban convenience and never have to worry about something like not being able to see the newest Hollywood blockbuster hit.

Now that you know what the differences are between living in rural and urban parts of town the next time you look over MLS Listings for Alberta properties and come across the words urban or rural you'll know what they're all about and which style of living appeals to you more.

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