If you have a guest coming to stay with you for an extended period of time and are at a loss for ideas of things you can take them to do or see while they're in town then why not take them to the museum? Your local museum is a great place to visit as they are full of interesting, interactive and educational exhibits on a variety of topics such as the town's history, famous people, plants and animals, just to name a few.

Another great thing about museums is that they are always updating their exhibits. A well-funded museum may even undertake major renovations every few years to install a new exhibit, as a way of bringing in more visitors, or providing a better educational experience for their regular patrons. It's unfortunate that these types of renovations don't qualify for the funding assistance that RentalRebate.ca handles, but there are often other government programs that help with the museum's budget. They also host various traveling exhibits throughout the year. If you're not a big fan of museums or don't go to museums that often then you might be asking yourself what is an exhibit?

The basic definition of an exhibition is, "an organized presentation and display of a selection of items." Usually you'll find exhibitions or exhibits in museums, trade fairs or art galleries. An exhibition shows off a "collection of items." When it comes to art exhibitions an exhibit is when a museum displays art objects such as paintings, drawings or sculptures to an audience. Most exhibits in museums are permanent unless stated otherwise such as traveling exhibits.

If you're a family on vacation and go to the local museum in the city you're visiting you might find that they're hosting a traveling exhibit. This exhibit is temporarily being displayed in their museum and is done so because another museum has loaned out their exhibit to them. It's kind of like when a company loans out their team building exercise leaders to another branch to get their employees into shape.

A traveling exhibit can be seen in a local, national or international museum. There are no limits on which museums can take in a traveling exhibit. Traveling exhibits are important for museums and visitors as it gives both a chance to take in an exhibit they might not of had the chance to see otherwise and see some great artwork or learn some interesting facts.

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