There are so many different charities and organizations that run fundraising events throughout the year. Some are asking for support from local businesses and community members for various reasons and organizations. Others are trying to raise funds so that they can put on quality theatre productions while still keeping their ticket prices reasonable. And still more are to help preserve our country's top museums and historical sites.

If you're planning a fundraising event than you need to think about the type of attraction that's going to most likely bring in those that will be eager to donate. While a person who has a season subscription to the Four Seasons Centre might be most swayed by a fancy gala featuring some of the country's top opera talents, a family wishing to support cancer research might be more likely to participate in a walk-a-thon. What exactly is a walk-a-thon? Go here!

When you're in the planning stages you should also consider all of the different goals of the event. Sometimes you're just wanting to raise some money for a local charity. Other times you might want to raise the level of exposure for music therapy used in nursing homes or for a new art gallery opening in downtown Calgary. Knowing exactly what you're looking for in the event will help you create the right atmosphere and make it a complete success.

They say that real estate and marketing are all about location and this can also be said for a fundraising event. If you're hosting a dinner with an honored guest where everyone will be in black-tie attire than you might want to host it somewhere like a ballroom or at a museum or gallery. If you're instead hosting a sports game with companies from a mortgage broker to a bank offering sponsorship than you're going to want a place that's central for people to get to that offers the space that you need as well as parking. You should also research permits and regulations before selecting a space.

There are some organizations that seem to be hosting fundraising events every month and those that have one big splash every year. When you're deciding which strategy is right for you it's important to consider your costs and the amount that you might make from each. Some choose to host various events with different participants in mind. There is an outdoor carnival for families, a show that a company can sponsor, and an annual gala concert. This is likely ideal, as it gives you more than one chance to raise funds but will also be more expensive. There are many charity consultants and arts managers who can help you put together the perfect fundraising event.

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