If you've recently moved to Alberta - the buffalo nation - then you might be at a loss for something fun to do on the weekends since you don't know your new home province very well yet. Let us fill in the gaps in your information by providing you with a list and some brief descriptions of some of our favorite museums in Alberta. Choose one near your house and have fun!

Alberta Aviation Museum

Located in Edmonton, the Alberta Aviation Museum is filled with displays you wouldn't have seen before now. As a former training school for Allied pilots in World War II, this museum has some fine examples of aircraft and structures from that period and beyond, including a rare BOMARC missile and a DeHavilland Mosquito. You can also see their work on aircraft restoration projects.

Canada Sport's Hall of Fame

With the more recent Vancouver 2010 Olympic games many people forget that there was a winter Olympics held in Calgary in 1988 and people watched in anticipation from all over the world. In addition to looking at the displays in the museums visitors can also ride a bobsled, go downhill skiing or snowboarding, and ski jump.

Bar U Ranch National Historic Site

Located in Longview, this museum captures the pioneering old west spirit that catalyzed the province's growth. Once one of the leading ranches in the country, its owners helped to found the famous Calgary stampede. Visitors can explore the complex of barns and buildings that are a far cry from city life, meet the animals, and even participate in wagon rides and round ups like they did in the good old days.

Royal Tyrell Museum

Located in Drumheller, the Royal Tyrell Museum is one of the more popular tourist attractions in Canada. The museum houses thousands of fossils, including complete dinosaur skeletons that were discovered nearby in Alberta's Badlands. Highly educational and extremely popular with kids, this museum does continuing paleontology research.

Southern Alberta Art Gallery

Located in Lethbridge, this museum is filled with paintings and pieces you could never afford to buy to decorate your home. Both local and famous international artists are represented in the collections and the museum also hosts revolving collections and offers classes and tours. Their gift shop is filled with original pieces that won't break the bank.

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