There used to be a time when the personal tour was the order of the day but with the rapid progress of technology, the personal touch has now been replaced with the self guided tour. Ask any individual on a vacation to Alberta, and they will tell you all about the self guided tours at the Buffalo Nations Museum.

When it comes to vacations, many of us often think of sun and sand but there is much more to a vacation than just these two factors. Alberta is the perfect example of this and for any person it may be an opportunity to spend a vacation in Canada given all of the expenses of travelling abroad.

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There are several interesting sides to the province of Alberta. Skiing, cowboy country, and rodeos are just some of the first words that come to mind. Let us not also forget those lovable dinosaurs! Alberta sure does make a different type of vacation compared to one at a beach resort.

Alberta is a vacation spot for everyone. From the avid skier to the one looking for adventure in the Rocky Mountains and if you are looking for some down time, then why not the province of Alberta?

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Museums and roaming buffalo and bison are other attractions to enjoy. One can easily say that those movie posters really do not do justice to the province's beauty. Glaciers, lakes, rivers, and the northern lights are also great sites to behold.

In addition to its natural wonders, Alberta has lots of annual festivals and shopping malls for you to spend time at. If you are not sure where to start to learn more about Alberta, then you could begin at the Buffalo Nations Museum. You could also come to Alberta to spend time at a top class spa. Or maybe you would like to be part of the Calgary Stampede or even experience a Christmas vacation in the mountains?

Whatever your preference, Alberta has something for you. A bit of this and a bit of that. There is something for each season and you won' be disappointed. Alberta offers you the chance to experience a made in Canada vacation. So why not put Alberta on your very short list of places to visit?

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