There are so many great reasons to visit Alberta. Some people come to live like a cowboy or be a ski bunny while others are here to walk with the dinosaurs and get a taste of what life used to be like in this section of the world. Buffalo Nations Museum is here to point you towards all of the best attractions and events that are happening throughout the province. You might be currently residing in new homes in city home want a taste of the country or be on vacation with some school friends and looking for the rich nightlife in Calgary.

Whether you want to go back thousands of years or explore a side of the world today that you might want to know more about there are more than 350 museums throughout Alberta that can help you learn and explore. If you're working in an office or are a stay-at-home parent there is sure that you have some sort of interests that excite you. From the Royal Alberta Museum, which focuses on the important moments in the province's history, to the Royal Tyrrell Museum, which explores the world of the dinosaurs that used to exist in the Badlands you will not be disappointed no matter what sort of museum you're looking for.

While some people may still think that the buffalo is extinct, the truth is that there are populations of wild bison throughout Alberta. And seeing them is just one of the thrills for those looking for an outdoor adventure in the heart of Canada. You will find everything from glaciers, to the Northern Lights, to lakes and rivers where you can sit and relax throughout Alberta. If you're arriving via an airplane than you will likely see the majestic Rocky Mountains. We can tell you about all of the best natural wonders that the province has to offer.

One of the things that is said about Canadians as we travel throughout the world is that we are generous and know how to have fun. This is certainly true of those from Alberta and you can find all sorts of examples of how this nation and province has fun right here at Buffalo Nations Museum. Some people might want to head into Edmonton to explore one of the world's largest malls with an indoor amusement park while others might be more interested in outdoor activities. And there are all sorts of festivals and events with just a few or thousands of people participating throughout the year. You might already know about the Calgary Stampede or a Christmas celebration in the mountains but we will give you the inside scoop on every kind of fun there is to have in Alberta. We will even help you choose places to eat and places to stay while you're making the most of your Canadian adventure or escaping work for a week holiday. This is a one-stop tourism website for the whole province.

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